A Warm Welcome from Paul.

Paul Stanton graduated from Newark International Violin making School in 1993 and has since established himself as one of the leading contemporary Violin makers working today. He has worked in several of the leading violin establishments in the UK including the highly regarded Cremona House violin shop in Bristol.

Paul's instruments are handmade using the traditional techniques and methods perfected in 17th and 18th century Italian violin making. His instruments are
widely owned by musicians throughout the World and he is well represented in music colleges and music trusts throughout the United Kingdom.

Paul is particularly noted for his beautiful interpretations of the late period violins of Guarneri del Gesu and the classical elegance of his Stradivari pattern cellos. In addition he has become well known for his English pattern cellos inspired by the English cello making tradition of the 18th century. We Have been renting out instruments now for several years. If you don't want to buy yet have a look at our rental page. The process is extremely simple and trouble free. Simply click on the rental tab?

Latest additions

  • Professional level electric violin in metallic black
    Professional level electric violin in metallic black
  • Beautiful Concertante model  cello hand finished by Paul Stanton
    Beautiful Concertante model cello hand finished by Paul Stanton
  • Hand made cello by Paul Michael Stanton
    Hand made cello by Paul Michael Stanton
  • Antique copy of of a late period Strad
    Antique copy of of a late period Strad

Our Stock and Payment Policy

Our violin stock ranges in price from around £100 for an entry-level outfit to £7000 for one of my hand made violins and £15000 for one of my contemporary master cellos. We have several different ranges to cover all levels from grade one to the virtuoso player. Our intermediate range is generally suitable for players up to about grade 7 while our advanced instruments will take players as far as they wish to go. All of our violins can be sent out free of charge on next day delivery. I can generally arrange delivery of cellos within one hundred miles radius, although this is negotiable. Cellos can't be sent via courier due to risk of damage. Payment via Paypal, cash or cheque are all welcome. Just to confirm if you want to pay by PayPal you don't need an account. Just let me have your email address and I will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay with any card you want. Returns are accepted within ten days. All instruments are guaranteed for two years.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos is to make instruments as authentic as possible using traditional techniques. We also realise how important tonal adjustments are and spend as much time as it takes to get the best sound out of an instrument. Sound post adjustment as well as the right choice of string are both vital. I am a musician as well as maker so I understand both the form of the instrument and its tonal properties. If particular tonal requirements are required I can advise the best instrument/strings etc. to achieve this.